Hello Everyone:)

Hope you are all having a great day! The sun just came out!!!!!!!! That makes me so happy:) You have no idea.
 I am also happy to report that Nicole, Manuel and the girls were able to move back home. They have been cleaning up from the flood and decorating as if they just moved in. Nicole is thrilled with the results and told me she hasn't felt this creative in years. Their home looks so pretty and I am going to do a post on it.
 It was fun to have them here. We shared lots of laughs and fun and even the stomach flu;) Eeeewww ..really. The girls can laugh and run around nonstop all day. I wish I could bottle up some of their energy:0
 So.... it is back to blogging.  Have you gotten your roses yet? Suzan ,of Old Grey Mare Primitives creates these beauties and they are a must. She has them in other colors too:) I am either going to put them on a top I am making or on a pillow.Hmmm... I just may have to order more....
 I purchased this fabulous sign from RU PIPER DESIGNS. Isn't it great?Now all we have to do is hang it;) They sell many different kinds of signs and other things. Don and I are going to London and Paris this year so I am hoping to see many of the places on this sign. Check them out, you'll be glad you did. I
OK.......Look at this gorgeous, to beautiful to just put on a gift, yes I am being stingy, tag!!!I am going to put this into a shadow box frame. Cindy from Whimsical Musings Magazine surprised me with it:) Look, she even put a 'D' on it!  And I love the ribbon. She is a talented artist and features artists and other lovely blogs in her on-line magazine. Stop by to see her and say Hello from me;)

Well I am off to do some things around the house now that the sun has perked me up. Hope you are enjoying the week. What have you been up to?

'Till next time.............
~Debra XXX