Another Accessories Hoarding!

Do you reckon my excitement when I got this accessory? Well, double it up as I found exactly the same type, the same design, the same quality... at more than half the price! Where else did I find it? JC Plaza!

I can't help but muse on these trendy, everday / night out earrings at a very affordable price. The upper set costs me php 16 per pair and the lower photo was only php 21! How economically fashionable is that, huh? :D

If there are incredibly low priced earrings, for sure there are necklaces as well! And if I may add, they are vintage style necklaces! Each strand just costs me php 77! They are true-found treasures! I am in awe. :D

So if you ask me if I will regularly visit the shop, hell yeah!And why don't you, too, check out some of their stuff? Uhm, well, that is if I will leave something for you. LOL!