Healthy Food: Jack Link's Beef Jerky

Everytime someone from the States would ask me what I want for a "pasalubong", I have two default things in my list - Crest and beef jerky!

A friend of ours has come to visit Manila and of course, Levy and I got our packs of beef jerky! So what do we like about this product? Simple - it is one food that is truthfully healthy! It is made of lean beef exuding a 98% fat free and only 5 grams of total carbohydrates for each pack. Super great food to be incorporated on your diet plan. It can be a snack, a meal, and even a pulutan!

I wonder why we don't have these food products on our normal grocery stores. It is very seldom that you can spot them here. I've got to see them in Subic but boy, the packs there are "too old" that you have to protect your teeth from permanently saying goodbye to your gums! And not to mention it is kind of expensive.

So next time when you are asked by a friend or a family member of what stuff to bring for you from the US, include beef jerky on your list! :D