Another NYX Haul!

Although having that drawback of NYX's lasting power, this does not discouraged me to continually use the product. Why? It is because the affordability and the tremendous shades outwit the weakness. And so because of this, I  availed of CareFreeShopper's Independence Day Sale. Ooops, I am not confused of the Independence and Inauguration Day, it's just that this is a super late post. :p

I left the shade choices of my first haul of NYX to Armie, the woman behind the successful multiply site mentioned above. I love the variety of shades that she picked up for me each has their own use in my task-filled everyday schedule. Everything was wearable. In my second purchase, I thought of getting a more daring and wilder shades.

wild, wild shades!

Electra and Medusa. You'd feel a strong personality when you hear these words even if not in the make-up world. Strong, fearless, wild - that is how I describe these two shades of NYX! 

 You want the truest RED? Get the Electra shade. I honestly do not have the guts to use this in a normal day but maybe, if things are in rush and I don't have time to do my make-up, this will be a best alternative. And oh, this will certainly be a runaway winner during an all-night party! 

Medusa takes the place of being the most difficult shade that I have right now. I seriously do not know if I will ever get the chance to use this. :p Costume parties will definitely make this shade useful though. 

I love seeing my make up collection grow and I don't regret getting these unusual shades. After all, my ultimate reason was to get wild, bold, and extremely unusual colors! Hooray to NYX!