Latest Piles of Shoeboxes!

My new kicks. Different style, different purpose!

A. Nike Running Shoes

I am aiming for a healthier lifestyle nowadays as I am fighting my inconsistency as well. :D I was originally in love with the gray and pink combination (that check sign in pink, how cool is that?!) but unfortunately after roving the mall, I can't find the perfect size for me. So next choice, gray and orange combination! If I may add, this is my first real rubber shoes. :D

My running shoes is as light as a feather! This makes my usual running less hassle and makes me feel a "real" runner! :D Oh well, it all boils down to psychological mindset. LOL! Additionally, investing in good running shoes is investing to good health as well. Agree? And so with this thought, shedding close to five thousand bucks for a kick is just alright for me.

B. Parisian T-strap, high heeled sandals
 I am practically in love with gray nowadays and I am looking for a cute pair that would go along with the Esprit bag that Levy gave me months ago. This SM brand has actually a number of good pairs that can go head to head with the higher brands. I love how wearable it is and the heels are acceptable for everyday use in the office, at night outs, and even on daytime! 

This pair is fairly priced at Php 499.00. A good pair at a good price = good buy! When this pair get boring for me, I plan to put on studs to give it a new look. Good idea, eh? :) By the way, my cute polish is from The Face Shop. :)

C. Avon Flat Silver Studded Sandals

Sorry for the messy photo! Anyway, this black studded pair from Avon Mix is pretty good for everyday use. The silver studs along with my silver accessories make my plain get up lively! This is also reasonably priced at Php 599.00 but I think the Parisian pair is a better buy. Their biggest size is also a bit tight for me. :(

I realize I am "kuripot" these past few weeks... Hmmm, does this mean I have a reason to treat myself to "bank-account-robber" price tags?! Just asking, Lev. LOL!

So, how about you? What's your foot's latest best friend? :)