Services Review: Asian Massage

Perhaps, massage is the most effective therapy for a tired body. Well, that's how my system works with massage - especially if I get to have a very good masseuse. I have tried a LOT of massage and spa centers and I have my share of hits and misses with these therapists.

The first time I availed of the services of Asian Massage along South Superhighway, I was torn between loving and hating them. The service was good enough but the place was just too crowded and noisy. The place put the term "relaxation" to a Hebrew language - it lost its existence. Oh well, that was the price oh getting an affordable massage.

I never went back to 24-hour massage parlors since I experienced the same scenario - too crowded, understandably because they need to cover their 24-hour operating expenses. But last Sunday night, my body aches as bad as my hair is when I don't put shampoo and conditioner on. I really have no choice but to call a home service massage and hopefully get rid of the pain and start a brand new week at the office. Asian Massage topped my google search so I got their services again.

The moment my masseuse landed her hand on my back, I know I have one of the best therapists in town! She is young and seem to be a trainee but when she started the massage, every muscle in my body was clamouring for her touch. As I said, I've had my share of hits but it was the first time that all of my body aches were gone right after the massage. I just love it!

Another thing that I like about their home service massage is because they have lots of branches so they would refer you to the nearest one if you happen to call the farther branch. In this way, you will both save time and you could have your massage in a relatively short waiting time.

And the most important thing is that, they are just for CLEAN massage. So no worries with all these hocus pocus regarding massage business. He he.