Product Review: St. Ives Blemish and Blackhead Control

I was spontaneously telling Levy that his nose was as rough as a sand paper one day when I spotted a tube on his bathroom the next day! I fancy how I effectively convince Levy to be a little vain. Ha ha! I look through it and I found out that it was from the same brand that I use to exfoliate my face - the St. Ives. The product is specially formulated for blemish and blackhead control.

I checked on Levy's nose (and face as well) to see if the product has done some good into his face and was surprise to see that indeed it made wonders! Touching his nose was a LOT smoother than the last time I touched it. I closely examined his face and I realized that his blackheads significantly decreased. I was really impressed and he was actually happy with the result!

I can't help but try it right at that very moment to know how it really feels to have this product landed on my own face. Just like my St. Ives, I feel the powerful grains enticing the unpleasant particles in my face to go with them. It is rough and at the same time a relief to my face. After washing them off my face, I felt I have a lighter face not because my cheeks shrank but because I felt those nasty elements had gone off!

The verdict:

St. Ives for me is a good product not to mention that it is relatively affordable and easy to find. You can get it in grocery stores. Effectivity-wise, I am convinced that this product does its duties well. This is definitely in my list of basic toiletries. :)