E.L.F. Products Purchases

E.L.F. products come in handy for me when it comes to lazy day for make-ups. Recently, I bought two stuff from the brand: the foundation and masscara.

I resorted to their foundation when I left my VMV back in Bacolod and I was waiting for Ellana stalls in SM Makati on weekend. In short, E.L.F. was my alternative to get through the week. Why this brand? It was not too cheap nor too expensive. It is priced at less than 200 bucks - not too bad for a little round of foundation. The sales lady suggested that I get the apricot variant and I was happy I trusted her pick. The foundation blends well with my other new love BB cream (which I will blog soon). It comes in very handy as well making it easier for me to tuck it in on my over crowded kikay kit.

My next purchase was their two sided masscara which is priced below 200 php as well. Of all the make up essentials, it is the masscara that I really don't spend too much because I can't see the difference for each brand. I lived with Nichido and EB masscara brands and I was happy that never in a single moment when they ruin my total look. I am good with any brands for this eye-flattering beauty essential. What made me try out E.L.F. was the fact that it is a two-sided masscara, with one end as regular and the other as waterproof. i thought this is more practical and again, space-saving on my kit. Same as my previous brands, it worked well for me and flattered my long and curled eyelashes. Yes, it helps boost my asset! :D

One thing was proven. Not all cheap brands suck! :)