Hello Everyone,
As promised more photos from Brimfield:)
On Thursday I went back to Brimfield with my friend Gretchen. We had so much fun and I laughed until I had cramps in my stomach. She is one of the funniest people I know.
I came home sooooo inspired!
There were fields that I didn't get a chance to go into with Don on Tuesday because they weren't open yet. Gretchen and I looked mostly at vintage clothes and linens. She really knows her laces and linens as that is one of her many skills.

 We saw so many great linen and burlap covered furniture. I just fell head over heals with this chair.
     Vintage clothes and linens were in abundance. We were more than happy to check them all out.

         One of our fellow bloggers owns this GORGEOUS PINK BOOTH!!!      I LOVE these lamp shades!!!!!
 She was so nice and let me take photos. I never got her name but she and her husband were very nice and now I am a follower of her blog:)  Go check it out, it is very pretty.
                                                           Cute pink table.
                                               Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!
                       Enlarge this photo to see all of these yummy things.
 OK......Look at this FABULOUS DESK AND CHAIR!!!! It was the nicest desk at the entire show, in my humble opinion. Just look at that gorgeous color and all of that detail.
                            So much fun things to look at.

 This booth belongs to It was such a pretty booth, I wish I had more photos to share with you but was only able to take two. You would want to spend some time in here shopping:) These ladies really know how to display their wares. Isn't that dress gorgeous?
                         This is Gretchen checking out their linens:)
We also stopped by to say hello to Theresa from The piece above was my very favorite! All of those great drawers with the different handles. Just fabulous!
          You all know that Theresa knows her stuff and displays her things with such creativity.
                                                                    Great windows.
                         This green cupboard was really nice filled with wonderful whites! I'm sure when she gets back she will have more photos to share with you. She had sold out of a lot of her stock by the time I got there. That is so good to hear:)

Hope you enjoyed Part II of my Brimfield trip. Have a beautiful weekend:)

'Till next time.............
~Debra xxx