A Dilemma on Mani-Pedi

Painting my nails beautifully can be very addictive and not to mention expensive. Along with spa, my almost weekly manicure-pedicure session is one way that I relax myself especially if I go to high-end nail salons. I feel pampered with soft couch, comfortable pillows, and dedicated manicurist.

My addiction was heightened by the emergence (or at least my discovery) of high-end nail lacquer brands (see my choice of word, not nail polish. Lol!). I developed that sense of dependency to my well groomed and nicely painted nails just as how I feel powerful when I am in my sky-high heels. It is also a good conversation starter especially if you are with ladies who are on your same league of interests.

But, I do face the fact that it is becoming more and more expensive for me. I have two options that I alternately go to. One is going to these high end nail salons like CANS or Posh Nails, and the other is to grow my collection of the most sought-after brands. This is for the objective of at least slashing my expenses but still getting good nails. However, the question still remain, did I really get to save? This is the dilemma that I am facing now.

Going to the likes of CANS almost weekly would at least let me shed 500 php a week. Summing it up for a year, I know it is not practical. Then I ask myself, why do I go there in the first place? It is because of the ambiance, the feeling of being pampered, the thought of having a dedicated manicurist all by yourself, and of course the wide array of choices for nail lacquers. The last reason led me to my next alternative – buy and grow my own collection of these high end polishes.

I admit I adore O.P.I., China Glaze, and Orly brands. They just got the best shades, long staying power, and the overall “it” girl effect. Armed with a good accessory that goes with it, it makes your hand do the talking. They are good, if not the best ones. And the best ones normally equate themselves to be the most expensive in their herd. I’ve got some of them in my hands, along with the “lower” range brands like The Faceshop, Elianto, and Cutex. Upon calculating my expenses, I found out that well, I still get to spend like 500 php because of the purchase (if I buy the first three brands I mentioned). Others may argue that I could still use them repeatedly but hey, I am addicted to nail painting, remember? :p In simpler note, I don’t get to use a particular shade for more than three times. After all, it is the joy of getting your nails done – seeing different shades sitting on them!

On the mid-range polish, I am dissatisfied with the results which I will detail on my next blogs.

I could revert back to my old way of mani-pedi. Go to a not-so-sophisticated salon, get my nails done with a low-end nail polish brand. But, but… I love the nail lacquers! Agh, dilemma!

How about you? What are your related concerns? :D