Purederm BB Cream

I feel naked without a BB cream on my face. Since I started using this a year ago, I already treat this as my holy grail. It is just so magical that I instantly feel flawless after application. I started out with Maybelline, then Skin Food (which I fail to blog), Pure Beauty (which i mistakenly got for Purederm and for me is not worth blogging as it doesn't do justice to my face), and the latest, the real Purederm which I dedicate this piece.

Purederm is a korean brand - the home of the best BB creams for me. It claims a 3 in 1 product with SPF, glittering effect, and skin conditioning.

One thing that is unique about Purederm compared to other products I've tried is the glittering effect in which I am torn between liking and rendering my thumbs down. Good thing the glitters are too "microscopic" making it wearable during the day. On the other note, I also like the glitters as it provides a "glowing" aura provided you don't put too much.

The brightening effect is also impressive considering that you only put a pea-shaped size all over your face and neck. I am a lame and lazy shopper when it comes to looking into the right variant for me, that is why I feel a baggage has been unloaded onto my shoulders when I purchase products with only one variant. Purederm is like Maybelline - both have one shade for all skin types. :D

As to the price, Maybelline is cheaper at 245 php, Skin Food is more expensive at about 1000 bucks (I think) but you can get them through Ebay Korean sellers at 400 only plus the hassle, and Purederm is at the middle price of the two at 645 php. Purederm's price is already a decent one considering the positive effect gives to my face.

Overall, Purederm is a wise buy. It is an essential go-to product at any circumstances that you are into - busy, on the go, has more time to doll up, etc.

How about you? What is your preferred BB cream brand?