Hello Everyone:)

You all know how much I enjoy flea marking. Well, yesterday Don and I went to Brimfield for their first show of the year. It was AWESOME!!! We had soooo much fun. I am so happy that Don enjoys the markets as much as I do. I just love the whole flea market atmosphere. The dealers, many of whom I have become friends with, the shoppers, lots of the same faces at all of the markets, fellow bloggers that I have become friends with (hello ladies:)   the treasures of course, the entertainment of it all and.......

the Pups:)  This is "Girlfriend".  I met her in PA at a market. Isn't she just so girly with those pearls? And look at that gorgeous face?
Yesterday at Brimfield, Don pointed this little sleepy girl out to me.  I asked the owner if I could take her photo and he said yes. Is this not the cutest? It makes me want a little pup to take to the flea markets with me;)
I also stopped by to say hello to blogger and shop owner Keri Seery of  That is her above in the leather jacket.
She ran a gorgeous booth with Amy Holwell of

      Here is their booth. It was one of the most beautiful booths there. You know, the booth where everyone is  and you find yourself needing to get in there too? That kind of a booth:)
It was packed with happy shoppers. Keri and Amy were really busy:)
Very monochromatic and full of fabulous things to bring home:)
                       Just look at this great basket!
I saw a happy shopper walking around with this great wreath after I left their booth. Although it was a quick visit, it was nice to have met them. Good luck ladies!
OK, every year I post photos of this display of the most gorgeous statues and urns and water fountains and..........
But just look at this display, can you blame me? That is Don with his hand in his pocket. He is checking out the price of the pergola:) No, we didn't buy it but maybe someday?
                    Couldn't you imagine her out in the yard feeding the birds, or holding two potted plants draping in ivy? Or even in the house. I have quite a few statues in the house. Why not, right?
                     This one was one of my favorites. I just love cherubs.
There were thousands of pieces of furniture at this market. This one looks like it would be fun to tackle as a redo. Look at that carved wood. I kind of like the seat the way it is but that's just me:)
I don't have much purple in the barn but I had to buy some of these pretty bottles. I think I may put them in a sunny window to see how the sun shines through them. The man selling them told me that they were irradiated to speed up the color process. Did you know that the longer  old glass bottles are left in the sun the more purple they will become?
Yes, it was a bit chilly when the clouds covered the sun. This poor man was really cold....or something....;)
Chicken anyone? lol There was every size you could think of. They are made in Mexico with recycled tin. I think they are fun.

Well that is Part 1 of Brimfield. Hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for Part 2 and then I will show you the treasures that came home with me in Part 3:)

'Till next time......
~Debra xxx