Hello Everyone:)
Is everyone as aggravated with blogger and google as much as I am today:( I can't leave messages on some blogs and it only let me download 3 photos. No bueno!
So we will have to make the best of what we have, right?

I am joining LISA OF: FOR 'MEET ME ON MONDAY' A THEME PARTY!!!This weeks party is 'signs'. I had so many great ones to show you but.......

This fabulous COUNTRY COTTAGE sign is from Lisa herself. If you don't know how talented she is check out her etsy. I just love her style and the colors she uses. This is one of my many favorites that I have bought from her. You really need to check her out:)

                       Why not a pretty Laundry sign in the laundry room?
I love advertising. When it is on something else I can use like this great shelf, it makes it even more special.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my 3 sign photos today. You know how I love to post lots of photos, so this just leaves me feeling empty;) Hopefully blogger will get their act together soon or I will have to switch to someone else. I'll bet I'm not the only one thinking that.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend:)

'Till next time.................
~Debra xxx