Yet Another Ellana Make-up Raid

You will always go back to products that gave you great and positive results. These brands will carve their names on your go-to list, sans the countless choices you have in the market. Ellana make ups made it on my top list. Their products are simply worth your money and definitely something that your face would really befriend. So it is not surprising that one Friday night, I stormed their little space in SM Makati to buy my sweet love foundation. I raved about this product here.

I thought I was only hunting my hazelnut latte foundation when, as usual, I ended up buying some more stuff! Here's what I get with a brief and concise review:

Smile Concealer. This is my first time to purchase a concealer since I am not a huge user of this one. Luckily, I don't suffer the zombie-like effect of eyebags so concealer does not really play an important role in my beauty routine. BUT, I do have this annoying zits in my face which could be a result of my alternating facial wash (which I should stop!) and spotting a concealer at their stall made me decide to try them. This made me happier because I could now use my long forgotten concealer brush. Zits now concealed!

Another purchase was the High Definition (HD) Primer in White Chocolate. This one they claim to blend with all skin types. The finest texture and white color give an impression that it was made from the highest quality. This is best for a finishing touch, as pointed out by the attending sales lady. But I do use this as a primer just as what the name suggests and at the same time a finishing powder. This primer combined with the foundation above deliver a very good result but beware when you use BB cream as your first step. I once did a BB cream, HD primer, foundation, and another round of DH primer and the result was a too white face! I might have applied too much BB cream, or maybe too much primer, or both. But one thing is for sure, it was a bad idea!
I felt bad though that they do not sell individual foundation and eyeshadow brushes to replenish my brush kit from their brand but nevertheless, this Ellana magazine slash cheat sheet made me feel better again. I tell you, it is something that you have to have at hand when you want to make your make up done the right way. How to apply blushes for round face? heart-shaped? small face? They do have an answer!!!