Human Nature's Orange and Elemi Facial Wash and Toner

In this piece, I will share my thoughts on my new facial wash and toner tandem from Human Nature. I am a self-confessed fan of this brand. There may be a lot of sprouting organic labels in the market but my heart shouts HN as my first love. Though I love how my face behaves now, I seek adventure at the moment and managed to break in into my usual facial wash and put these products in my facial care routine.

First day of use yielded a bad result! I had break outs with at least five zits sitting on my face when I woke up. Monthly red flag is not yet at the doorsteps so I don’t charge the crime to my unwanted guest. It must be these products since they are the foreign substances that landed on my face recently. It was not a total fiasco though. I had it on my second day still and I was glad that they redeemed themselves. I woke up to a clear face, zits disappearing and not too red, and oil got filtered. I love how it controls the greasiness of my face. Sans this good result, I will still have the next days as my trial period before I can totally say that these products do good to me. J

So why did I give it another shot after those zits? It is my curiosity with the ingredients particularly the elimi that made me pour them onto my hands and cotton balls. Elemi. Wikipedia says it is a tree native to our own land with too many uses. Of course, one of which is for the skin. I do love the “scrubbing” effect as well, making my St. Ives facial scrub useless as of these times. I love the subtle cleansing it gives as opposed to a commonly rugged and rough texture of the exfoliants and scrubs. I smell is pleasing to the nose as well. It is a unique smell that I can only attribute to the these particular products.  But subtle as it may seem , I am worried as to scrubbing my face twice a day. I think it is not a friendly choice.

It is for the scrubbing reason that I alternately use this product with Ilog Maria facial wash. It gets to be my "balancing" factor as this is so mild that I don't think it will do any harm to my face.  :)