Hello Everyone:)

This week I am joining WHITE WEDNESDAY and FURNITURE FRIDAY! This is the  first time I have ever joined two fabulous blogs.
Remember I told you that I am switching things up a bit in the library?
OK, so I've had this Victorian Settee in my garage just waiting for me to come to its rescue.
 When I found it I was amazed at how sturdy it was. It didn't move at all when I tugged at it. That and the fact that the price was great,  well it was a no brainer.
 I don't do tufting, yet. And I don't paint every piece I find but this settee had a strange shiny type of wood that I didn't care for so I painted it white. So happy that I did. Then I gave it a deep distressed look by using my little Mouse Sander. I love that sander.
         I found this great nappy fabric from my favorite fabric shop for the front of the settee. I used simple tacks. Nothing fancy.
 But you know me, I do my own thing and did the back in one burlap bag. LOVE this color of the stripe And I do love my burlap. It matches the little table that I showed you in my last post. I seem to be so happy doing furniture like this, smiling at every tack I nailed in:)
 I picked up this gorgeous wooden trim at the flea market from a  gentlemen, Matt, who sells fabrics and trims. He always has a great selection to choose from.  Guess how much I paid for this piece which is only a part of a piece. Only $3.00!!!!! for the whole piece. Love the markets!!!!
      The settee comes out a little in the front which is why the trim looks higher in the middle.
                                                                    Nubby love
                                         Love the deep distressed curves.
                                                 Gorgeous rose sits on top:)
                                     Don't you just love that stripe?????
The wrinkles will eventually relax. They don't bother me a bit.
                             So what have you been up to?
`Till next time...............
~Debra xxx