Accessories Hoarding at Vente

Yesterday, boyfie and I decided to spend the afternoon in the mall where we least frequently go and Robinsons Ermita came to our mind. I know that the Midtown wing is already up for quite sometime but I never really had the chance to check it out. I only have two intentions: to get my foot spa and pedicure and spend an ample time to walk and walk (you know, calorie burning). I wanted to try out Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabelle. But being poor in direction striked again, so I was walking and walking through the mall like a headless chicken. No joke, it took me more than an hour to locate the place only to find out that their service fees are too steep for me at the moment (I am currently in a shopping/spending ban) so I doubted either to get a pampering session. In the end, I surpassed the temptation. Hooray to me!

But I did not want to get out of the mall without something for myself. It is when I spotted a small stand of Vente in one corner and I remembered getting some cute earrings there before. So I scrolled down each display... and I got these:

All for just 498 Php!

They are so refreshing to see and it is exciting to inject them on my wardrobe. Casual wardrobe on that note. Accessories are really one of the things that give life to your entire look. Like shoes, it can make or break an outfit. I love them. And it is just in time to have them on my hands as I cannot find my other accessories. Yes, I am that disorganized! Lol.

So this whole shopping and spending ban is working for me, eh? We'll see until when can I suppress my system!