Weekend Activities

Jolly songs filling the air. Cold weather soothing our bodies. Annnddd... endless mall sales robbing our bank accounts. It's the countdown to Christmas 2011!

And just as everyone is excited about Christmas, malls are doubling their efforts in painting their establishments with that big and wide letters: S-A-L-E! I succumb (again?) to their ploy. :) Yesterday,, Levy and I took one of the "biggest" sacrifices we have on a Saturday and that is waking up early and do this sale-hunting. The metro is crazier at this time. As early as 9:30 AM all roads are jampacked and we reached SM Megamall at about an hour from Makati. Yes, on a Saturday early morning. So to ease the boredom, we had some photo ops while stucked in the traffic. ;p

sultry look daw... haha.

The craziness did not stop there as parking slots on that mall are already full up to the third level. Whew! Anyway, our first stop technically was the Megatent where BPI outlet sale is being held but we opted to catch a slot at Megamall. There wasn't much to see at the BPI sale but we ended up buying a Sebago Dockside for Levy, a Dockers polo for my dad, a cute dress for my niece, and an office longsleeve for myself. I was quite disappointed with Sebago because their stuff are sold for 20% off as opposed to their advertisement of 70%.
bargain hunters at Megatent!

After that we went back to Megamall to check out Forever 21 but again, I found nothing compelling to buy. Both the regular and sale items are so-so for my taste and I really didn't spend more time there because of too many people rummaging through the racks and racks of clothes. And yes, people at Megamall were like ants which led us to a decision to leave the mall and transfer to Rockwell to get our dose of Happy Lemon's rock salt and cheese! Gawd, I love that drink! Still didn't get anything to buy there so Levy and I just decided to take a rest and chit chat with his mom, Tita Ruth, at his place. Finally I got to sit down and relax!

I guess it was not my shopping day yesterday. My fairy shopping godmothers must have controlled my spendings. Ulk! Anyway, it doesn't hurt not to spend so I am thankful as well. Haha.

That's it for my Saturday.

Come in this morning, we had a brunch at Kanin Club in Ayala Triangle and grabbed some sweets at Amici. Here's what I wore:

 I super love this jersey dress which I bought from Zara as it is so flexible to wear. This time, I have this overlapped with a loose, see-through like top I had from one of my ukay moments way, way back. :)

 Green, pink, and brown combination.

Colorful ring from Quiapo, bag from Longchamp

That's it for my weekend so far, how about yours? :)