Hello Everyone:)

Have you ever noticed that house plants are rarely shown in homes in decorating magazines? I mean, maybe one here and there but it seems like no one really 'collects' houseplants. Well, I do, always have. I find they bring life into a room like nothing else can.
During the Summer, many of them go outside to enjoy the sun and rain while I tend to the garden plants. Mother Nature takes care of them for me:)
 I bought this vintage green table from the flea market specifically to hold my houseplants in my living room window. I can put plants on top and underneath since my windows go to the floor in here. The little white bench holds my white throws.  Watering cans sit under it.
 My loft is a favorite place for my plants. It has been getting chilly at night now so I have brought most of my plants inside. It is amazing how much they grow during the Summer. This window gets direct sun all day and the plants just love it. This hallway leads into the loft bedroom where I just added more plants.
This is another view of the loft. I can't squeeze many more in;)

 A happy fern lives here in the solarium with my flower  frogs.
 I like to put taller plants on the back of the stone pond in the solarium. (which needs more water) The Begonias love this spot and continue to flower all year. I just love them.
                 A couple of plants on the table in front of the sofa.
And, of course there are plants in the kitchen where ever I can find a place that they will be happy in.
So, do you live with house plants too? I would love to know:)

'Till next time.................
~Debra XXX