Thrift Buys!

I am a shopaholic. I admit it. But there are times that I need to overpower that eagerness to exhaust my bank account and spend lavishly to whatever fancies my eyes. So last pay day, I commanded myself to slash a bulk of my pay and pour it into my savings. It was hard, but I need to discipline myslef from time to time. Putting in my working bank balance to the level where it can only support my neccesity and being a lady who clamours for new things every now and then, I am in the brink of insanity. Exagg, of course. But you see my point, it is really hard.

Then one day, thrifting came into my mind. how could I not remember it in an instant? It bridges the gap between spending and saving  practically the answer to my problem. Lol. The thought of it ignited my interest and I was too eager to step on the stores and find my new gems. So did I find something worthy to be called a treasure? Well, I did!

Here are the run down on what I have unearth in the excting place called "Ukay" in Makati Cinema Square!