Product Review: The Body Shop Tailored Cheek Tint

This card keeps me coming back to a The Body Shop store:

I guess it is a good form of marketing strategy. Anyhow, during my hiatus days, I have bought good and not so good things. Unfortunately, when my blogging mode started to kick in again, I have completely forgotten about them. But tonight, as I was looking for my lip balm, I spotted this little tube in side my kikay kit and have thought of spending some more minutes in the internet and talk about it. This little tube is Body Shop's cheek tint.

I bought this during those times when I am obsessed to practical make ups and this one just fits the purpose. I wanted to shy away from any powder forms or any texture that would produce undesired flakes on my office wears and those make ups that I need not to take out my brush set whenever I am applying them. Yes, I usually do my make up on my way to the office so it really requires that my stuff are "flake-free".

So back to this product, I love it because it is not a space-eater in my kikay kit. The tube is easily cleaned when dirt is embracing it. These two factors make it a winner for the packaging feature. And oh, white and pink just look so clean together!

The tip is like a "feathery" type just the same as the one for the lip gloss. It is soft so I need not to worry that it might hurt my face. With the right pulse in squeezing it, you'll get the right amount of tint that you need. But unlike the lip gloss with this type of tip, it cannot be used alone, especially when you already have to spread them in your face. The tip is perfect for applying a lip thingie, not on the cheeks. So I end up using my fingertips to lather them in my face (which I think is not hygienic). I have dirty hands you know. :p

I like the pink shade of this product. It is for me a good reference to a "pa-girly" effect. It is not a screaming pink but at the same time it gives you a blush shade that you need in an ordinary day. Another winner factor is that it is not greasy when applied - both to the face and to the hand.

See the pink thing on the photo above? That was it when I wiped off the product on my hand. It stays, really.

So there it is. It is something that I wan to see on my kikay kit especially if I needed an instant doll up. By the way, I got this for like Php 250 when they had their sale. :)