Office Outfit: Black to Black

My friend Ermz and I have this thing of buying exactly the same stuff, clothes particulary, when we see how good they are to either of us. So last Friday, I fell in love with her elephant pants that I needed to have my own the soonest possible time!

Ermz told me she got the pants at one of the tiangges in Cash and Carry Makati (yes, Cash and Carry!). So I went there last Sunday to buy one for myself. I did not expect that the pants will look good on me and that I would be comfortable enough to wear it. I have the biggest thighs on earth so wearing an elephant pants is not a good idea for me. But surprise! I could say that the pants fitted on me well except that it is just too long I need to secretly fold it. :)

I easily spotted the pants the moment I went upstairs (near the cinema)so I immediately grabbed and fitted them. It was a quick buy. Roaming around the area led me to the top I also wore on the above photo. I initially plan to wear a printed top but I thought that a black one with a simple accent would make it more öffice-like. I think the top went well with the pants only that maybe I should have worn a belt. Anyhow, I super like the top. the puffed sleeves with polka dots makes it a very interesting piece.

I sealed this look with an earring I randomly bought from Vente, bangles from Boracay, and a bag from Michael Kors. Shoes is another favorite from Parisian. =)

I love that I love what I wore on a Monday. This means that I am in the mood to dress up for the rest of the week... we'll see. :)