Shoe Good Debut!

I had a heartbreak last time when my seven lovely shoes won't perfectly fit me. But... I am happy that finally, after a series of hopeful tries, one of my most favorite pair welcomed my feet. It's still not a perfect fit but at least, I can walk with it. Lol.

Ignoring the wrong size, the shoes is a runaway winner! The heels are high, but they are sooooo light to walk with. It's like walking with just a feather on my feet. It really is a head turner - from the office down to random places I got to go with, people seem to glue their eyes on my shoes! Yes, that stare of oh-my-gosh-i-want-that-pair-too! No, I am not exagerrating things. The pair is so fierce. Period!

I'd like also to flaunt my new thrifted dress (next post is dedicated to my recent hoard!) which I'd say as more of a Forever 21 piece! You know how I adore laces now so my heart jumped when I spotted this piece. No stains, no loose threads. It's in a very good condition!

I wore this outfilt yesterday when everyone in the office was away and I had the self-proclaimed freedom of wearing jeans! Lol. Right after office hours, I went to eat at Baja in Greenbelt 3, watched Killer Elite, and muched on deli cupcakes! It was a nice and chillax Friday. A good one actually. Of course, I was with Levy. :)

Fridays are love...and so are Saturdays! =)