Hello Everyone:)

Do any of you paint? Or do you collect other peoples paintings? I am a self taught painter. Or at least I like to think I am;) lol
I do like to scour markets and tag sales for paintings done by others. Usually flowers and people speak to me.
I have many hung up on the walls like my own little art gallery. Some lean against furniture and yet there are a few on shelves.

This is one of mine. See, I told you I was self taught:) Roses are my favorite thing to paint, which is strange because when I use pastels I tend to do only portraits. Pastels I understand how to use.With paints I am still learning. I wish I had more time to practice my painting. The more you do something the better you become, right?
 This is another one of mine. Don't ask me what style I paint in. I have no idea. Do you? It may just be my own. I'd love to know.
 I fell in love with this painting of a little girl. She is so sweet, don't you think? Most of my paintings are not framed. I like them that way.
This painting of a beautiful woman, I did frame because I just happened to have a great old frame to fit her. Love the colors in it.

 This is the second picture I've ever painted. I love old cars and trucks and a photographer friend of mine gave me a picture of this old truck that he photographed, so I decided to try my hand at painting it.
 Here are a few more I have acquired. The pink roses and the white ones are mine. I believe the child is a very old painting.

I painted the top one and bought the bottom. See, I told you I like painting roses;) So what have you self taught yourself to do?

'Till next time................
~Debra xxx