Halloween and Bridal Shower Party

One by one, the family members of USLS BSA 2004 are tying the knot. It was just like a dream away when all of us were struggling to cross the line between college and corporate world. We were young then, not so young now!

But first, my outfit post! :p

Nere doing my "cobweb" eye

model modelan lang

Preview shoot daw. chos.

So anyway, last Saturday was Julyvin's turn to be the queen of the bridal shower. This time around, we had it celebrated with her other friends from high school, from neighborhood, and from other college friends. It was fun knowing her other friends as well!

the beautiful bride-to-be

Lanoline, the best party organizer ever was as usual the brain behind the spooky set up, the yummy foods, and the naughty games! A rented room at Atrium Hotel near LRT Buendia (which is by the way an overly strict hotel) was turned temporarily into a creepy place. I admired how they set it up like a pro! Armed also with a masquerade, which the Liwag girls have heartily made themselves, we donned into our black pieces and slashed out some halloween make ups onto our faces. So wee, naughty evils were on their way to a naughtier night!

with the party organizer!
The first activity we had was to cut a thread at the lenght of your own desire. It was more of a "getting to know you game" as you need to tell the group how you are related to the bride-to-be and what will make you say "I do" to a person. And while you are narrating, you have to roll the thread on your fingers and you can't stop while the thread is not yet fully rolled. So the longer your thread, the longer you need to talk! This activity divulged an "ah talaga?" moments such as the group only knew that I am related to Julyvin in three ways": we are from the same subdivision, we are classmates in grade school, and again in college. It was only that time to know that Julyvin and Melai, our other classmate, are second cousins. Amazing, ayt? :)

Kristy giving her testimony

Enter the next activity. The objective was that you have to reach your hand on the floor and trace it on a piece of paper without bending your knees. Yes, it is hard! So what is the relation of this game to a so-called briday shower, you may ask. In one corner, there stood another group member who secretly jotted down all the words we uttered while doing the activity. Just think of these words:
- start na?
- sala man na (it is wrong)
- ohhhhh
- ahhhhh
- ay kakapoy (it's so tiring)
- on the floor
- sakit lawas ko (my body is aching)
- tapos na

...And these words should be used in a story to depict the first night of the couple after the wedding. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!! Everyone was laughing so hard. Hard. Oh yes, our team won!

super challenging the game!

We've had another game called dress up the bride using a roll of tissue paper. The creative side of the girls surfaced as the two teams competed for the best wedding gown. It challenged our "delicateness" as you have to carefully create the piece without turning the tissue to its end state - "basura"! The result? Our bride with a peek a boo boobsie and the other team's uncovered butt!

The next game was showcasing your skills in "ayud" (how can I even vividly describe it in English?!). So here it goes, you have a stocking with calamansi fruits stacked in it and a can of beer which you need to artistically push on the other side using the former and your flexible waist! Just picture out how the player looked like while playing the game! :D

the Molavin sisters doing the "ayud" movement! :p

The last game was, simply put, a gross game!

Jermaine and I have to eat the banana slipped in between the legs of Giselle and Melai. And take note, the bananas are unpeeled and they keep on moving for us not to grab them!

But of course, what task can't I deliver? During the first round, I easily cut the banana with my teeth, and peeled it in inside my mouth and the second round, I managed to take out the banana meat with the skin intact. LOL LOL LOL!

Four crazy activities exhausted all our energies that on the next ones, we had Julyvin do all the activity. :p We asked her naughtiest questions which she gamely answered but of course, those were sealed in the four walls of room 2214 - Atrium hotel. :p We also palyed bingo where she needs to act out some naughty moves but July still managed to act them out "decently". Haha. And yes, the opening of the gifts! Girls really have creative ideas of what to give to the bride to be! I love all of them!


hmmmm... one steamy night! haha!

We capped the night with a group's cheers and wishing Julyvin all the happiness in her married life!

Oh, and yeah, our team was the overall champion! :p

hmmmm.... :p

the whole gang!

It was short but very well celebrated events! Thanks Lanoline for being the group's party organizer FOR LIFE! :)