Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Foundation

There are instances in life that in due course of time, animosity comes between two things. I experienced this with my long time love, my Ellana foundation. I've got raves for their products specifically the foundie. But I don't kow why our relationship got stained. This was caused maybe by the long time I haven't swept it on my face and I outgrown my dependency on Ellana. It might also be that some elements in my face changed that using it just doesn't do good on me. We've lost that tandem, I may say.

And because of this, I wanted to explore some other good products out there in the market. I was meaning to get a MAC foundation which I am pretty much confident that it is a good, if not the best, foundation there is. BUT, I am currently in a shopping ban so I need to delay my gratification at the moment for MAC. So while I was browsing through the Watsons shelves one afternoon, I spotted the Maybelline Smooth and Clear Foundation. I remembered my friend Rolla have one. I tried it once and it looked good on me. It was a close to perfect choice at that time because I've tried (and liked) some of Maybelline's products, had a good encounter with the product, and it is cheap at Php 249!

The foundation I got was the Honey variant. I tried using it without any BB cream and it still does its job of smoothening my face. There are times that my face gets cakey especially when I don't use moisturizer but nevertheless, my face looks better with it. Performance-wise, it does stay longer about 3-4 hours when applied. I've used this for less than a week.

The foundation itself is fine in doing its job but the biggest irritant for me is this:

You see, I bought a pressed foundation to spare myself from these annoying flakes scattering around while I do my make up but this one defeated my purpose. I haven't smashed it against the wall nor forcefully dropped it on the floor. It's just that it is hollow inside. Proof:

I am not the OC type but I just can't stand the mess it creates inside my bag. All of my things (wallet, ID, kikay kit) are dilapitated with all these irritating flakes. Just see the edges of the kit and the mess it created on my pants. Spell H-A-S-S-L-E.  I'm alienating the kit on the side pocket of my bag so as not to create further "damage" on my things. 

So there it is. I can't wait to get another foundie and get rid of this Maybelline Smooth and Clear Foundation.