Outfits: Singapore Trip

I badly need a vacay due to the toxic schedule I had at the office so I felt so refreshed when September 30 came. Armed with my travelling bag and the excitement to see my friends, Levy and I finally made it to Singapore. We only had two things in mind - go there to relax and see our friends.

Here are some of the outfits I wore upon roaming around the merlion city:

*Dress by Forever 21 PH, Bag by Michael Kors, Earrings from Forever 21 SG

 *Top by Forever 21 SG (color block) / by Forever 21 PH (loose top), Bag by LV, Flats from Parisian

Ah, the moment I laid my eyes on this color-blocking top, I know it is for me. I couldn't wait to wear it asap so the next morning, I paraded the streests of Singapore in this lakas-mayaman top! Seriously, it is a very good buy!

This loose top is the confiest piece I brought in this trip and I felt so refreshed when I changed to this after a scorching heat and sweatrolled over my body!
segway: it must be a sign of aging but I lost my guts to ride this thing at Universal. Man, I felt like throwing up just by staring at this giant roller coaster ride!

*Dress by Zara:

a dollar ice cream with wafer on each side!

This classic dress is the second I got from Zara and I am loving it to bits! Zara really creates fitting dress which strategically hides unwanted bulges. I swear, I love it! Who would not? I've used this as a gimik/party dress, an office dress with a cardigan, and a casual one (as worn above)! Steep price - justifed!

It was a good time to unwind, reconnect with old friends,  and just walk to your heart's content on the streets of Singapore. I loved seeing different nationalities scattered everywhere while still feeling close to home! I can't wait for our next travel!