Early Morning Random Thoughts

Im up at this wee hour in the morning. No, it is not because I am waiting for the eclipse but because this slimming pill I am taking now lets me jump off my bed from time to time. It does not only diminish my appetite but also grab a good sleep out in my system. It is not good, so I am not naming that pill, or any other "slimming" tablets.

Now I know that it is bad but why do I still take it? I must admit, I am one hell of an undisciplined woman when it comes to eating healthy foods and injecting regular excercise in my routine. The effect is obvious - I've grown to be a whale and I want an express way to get out of the unflattering feeling of being "fat". It struck me one day when I was scouting for an office outfit in my forest-y cabinet and I realized that almost all of my pants are either losing the thread on the crotch or the zipper already retired from its functionality. It was a discouraging feeling day by day and I reached to a point where I was accepted the need to do something.

Hmmm... But that something turned out to be not the right choice. I mean, I know what I need is to shell out the excess fats through excercise or do away with sinful foods. But then again, I know I cannot do it. Pessimistic, I know. Well, the good thing is that I do take protein shakes in between meals instead of junk foods, eat a little instead of one magnanimous meal, and I drink lots and lots of water. =)

Yes, that pill and this screwed up sleeping habits. Meeting later at 9 AM so...