Hello Everyone:)

I have been busy redoing our Master Bath:) I decided to re wallpaper one wall with a really pretty chandelier wallpaper. I purchased the wallpaper on line from Steves Blinds & Wallpaper, Book 1585, patern x1ie7rd, page 7. The rest of the walls are faux painted.

               A statue holds one of my vintage necklaces.
 This is one of the chandeliers on the wallpaper. I fell in love with it. I think it has about 5 different chandeliers and they are all sepia toned.
 This cherub holds a necklace and rosary beads. It hangs on a vintage, chippy, white architectural piece.
 Here is where I put my dress form that holds all of my pins. There is also a small collection of perfume bottles. An old silver sugar bowl keeps my q-tips together.
This is how the wallpaper looks with the chandeliers placed on them. A ruffly shower curtain.

I love to hang frames up and them see what I can find to put into them. I bought this pretty picture from a flea market this Spring.
 I have been collecting hand mirrors that I intend to hang on the wall some day. I think I have plenty to do that now;)
 I added this wreath to an old cabinet and gave it a little white paint. It is just what it needed. I store cleaning aids for the bathroom in here.
 Love the Prairie Slips that Nicole and I sell on Etsy. This one is mine with a vintage millinery flower pin.

These three silver hand mirrors are my favorites and I keep them on the vanity. I love how the middle ones mirror is so imperfect.
 More of the wallpaper. I know wallpaper isn't for everyone but you have to admit, it is quite pretty;)
A sweet smelling yellow Rose from my garden. It makes me smile first thing in the morning to think that I have that beauty right outside of my front door:)
 I bought this fabulous mirror for $10.00!!!!It matches a long one I have from my Great Grand Mother. I didn't see a reason to paint it. Some dark wood looks good in the bath with all of the light colors.
 This is our antique claw foot tub. I used a shutter to hold candles, soaps and bubble bath.
 I placed an old metal crib headboard behind the tub and added some vintage tins too. A small chandelier hangs from above.
Well, there you have it. My new old bathroom. Sometimes it is the smallest things that can make a room look brand new an old way;) You know what I mean:) Thanks for stopping by. What are you up too? I'd love to know so that I can stop over and check it out:)
'Till next time...................
~Debra XXX