Hello Everyone:)

If you heard lots of laughter, woo hooing, felt the earth move from dancing yesterday, oh, it was just little ole me:)
Fabulous Fifi O'Neill and  photographer Mark Lohman came by yesterday morning to shoot our barn for some magazines.

 Can you believe it?!!!!!!
Fifi doing what she does best!

She is one of  the most genuine, sweet, smart and talented ladies I have ever met. She has such a patient and kind presence about her. And I love her sense of humor too:) Her sense of style is like no other. She can take things from around the house and create the most gorgeous vignettes. I learned so much from her. Thank you Fifi for this wonderful experience:) I will always remember how talented and sweet you were to me:)

 Mark Lohman is another great talent. I have a feeling he can talk for hours about photography. He is so knowledgeable too. I also learned so much from him.  He has such an eye for taking beautiful photos. I love the friendship he and Fifi show towards each other too. He'll crack a joke and she'll turn away and smile. It is truly adorable. I can tell he loves what he does for a living. Thank you Mark:)
 Oh and yes, my friend Lisa  stopped by too:) I was so happy that she did too. She is another very talented, sweet and fun person and I am so glad that we became such quick friends.
 That is me. I see  that I really have to work on my arms this summer. lol Look at how cute Fifi is. Love her style so much.
 And the shoot would not have been the same without my Nicole and the girls. Love them soooo much.
So happy that Don was able to be there too. He is my best cheerleader;)
 So, even though I couldn't show you any photos from the shoot, I think that I can bet that you will love them as much as I do. I will let you all know which magazines to check out when the are ready.
Thanks for stopping by. You may still hear some loud laughter, woo hooing and feel the earth move for a few more days:)

'Till next time...................

~Debra XXX