Rave: Scions' Feminine Wash

Perhaps, one of the most disgusting thing that a girl experiences is well, that unpleasant smell that our feminity exudes. No matter how you utilize a tissue everytime you pee, there will always have that you know what I mean. Yes, even using main stream products do not help the problem.

But... finding a product that would aid you to this kind of discomfort is a big relief! I found this in the bottle of Scion Feminine Wash. This is carried by Nu Skin which is by the way carries a wide array of very good products. We wittingly describe this product as: "smells good, tastes even better!". Ok, pun intended. Lol!

No, it is not something that can cast its wand and entirely eradicate the awful smell, but I do tell you that it can significantly reduce them. i can vouch for its effectivity although it is priced at a little bit expensive (at 400 bucks). But, what is 4 pieces of violet colored money for a great relief?

One drawback of this product is that it is not readily available and so you need to get in touch with someone connected to Nu Skin in order get this in your hand.

Anyway, who wants one for free? I have a couple of bottles in my place which I thought of sharing to you! Please leave a comment under this post or shoot me an email if you want this bottle to land in your everyday bathing routine. :) I have three to spare!