Myra Vita Glow and Etude House Color Me Nude

I’m blogging straight from Puerto Prinsesa! I really admire how clean this city is. Discipline is really in high spirit here. Anyhow, much as I want to leave our office and jump into the tempting waters of Honda Bay, I just can’t. Perhaps tomorrow, we’ll see. So since I am in a very beautiful city, it is just right to talk about beauty. I know, I know this is a beauty blog. LOL.

I've had a quick stop at SM Makati before I flew here last Friday and I've got some goodies which I really don't need but was just curious to try them. These are the Myra Vita Glow (P135) and Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer (P228).

Myra Vita Glow is interesting in such a way that a moisturizer and a make up base were married in this tube. Perhaps, this is the first product I have encountered which has these duo. This comes in two variants (which by the way demanded my time to choose) - the Ivory and Beige. I took the ivory after an unfounded comparison. Gut feeling. Based on its texture, I would say that it is more of a make up base than a moisturizer so for me, it is more appropriate to use it by day and not as an evening ritual as it would really be awkward to sleep with a make up base on your face.
Like the Purederm BB cream, it also has some glitters but they are more "microscopic" than Purederm. You would only notice it if you drive your face closest to the mirror. Working like my BB cream, it helps me even out my face provided I really put in just right amount. It works well with my Ellana foundation. Its price and availability are also the things that make this product a winner!

Lip concealer? Why not! Interesting, right? I first saw this product in a magazine and got curious about it. This product is something that a typical woman would not really need as I think there is not much to even out in your lips except maybe if you are a fan of cigarette smoking. At first, I find it hard to use because it does make your lips look so awfully pale and there are some traces of my dry lips when I apply it. I found it useless until I went back to basic which is to use lip balm first before any other else. Combining both gives a somewhat natural lip color (as the lip concealer has its own subtle shade as well). But best of all, I was happy to discover that my long sitting Mac Pink Nouveau is now useful with the aid of a lip balm and the lip concealer! They made my first Mac lipstick wearable and I don't feel awful while sporting the shade.
And since I was surrounded by mostly guys (yeah, the likes of warehouse and sales men and all), I opted to don a "barely there" make up. Yep, the two products above greatly help me achieve the look!
Happy long weekend guys!