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Hello Everyone:)

Well, it is Summer here in New England. We missed Spring this year but are definitely into Summer now.
I have been so busy in the garden and wanted to share:)

This is 'LITTLE MAMA'. She had two or her own eggs and sat on two eggs of the other girls' too. Hers hatched the other day and she is the proud Mama of two gorgeous chicks. Now, I have been told to take them away from her, that she would kill them. But I just didn't have the heart to do it. I watched her sit, day in and day out faithfully on not only her eggs but foster eggs for weeks. So I decided to let nature decide and left mama and her chicks alone. And you know what?  They are VERY HAPPY together. She is a GREAT MAMA and I am very proud of her. The other chickens aren't even bothering them. I know I will have to separate them when they are a little older because they are free range and I wouldn't want them to get lost. But for now everything turned out just fine:)

 Angel statue  sits on the edge of our little pond outside of our front doors.
 A twig bench to sit on to enjoy the flowers.
 This birdhouse is home to little finches every year. I think they like the smell of Roses that surround them.
 Herb garden. I have lots more to do in here but it is early yet:)
      This garden art was made from one piece of metal that was burned out with a torch. We love it. Enlarge to enjoy it too.
 More garden art...dancing in the Hostas.
                                                   Purple Foxglove
                       This is my favorite fountain that I turned into a flower holder.  Every year I plant something different in it. The older it gets the better it looks:)
                                      These Roses are so pretty and prolific. It looks more like a tree than a climber.
                                 Twig furniture being so rustic it fits perfectly in the garden.
 These pink flowers are call Million Bells. The gentleman at the farm said that if I bring them in, in the Fall, they will flower inside all year for me! So I bought a yellow one too;)

 I wanted movement in the yard, so we found these metal birds that move up and down as the wind blows. Just perfect!

                                       An old blue ladder holds some pink and yellow flowers.

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'Till next time..........
~Debra xxx