Comfy Shoes from Parisian

I am slated to go out of town for business purposes tomorrow. This means one thing - casual attire in the office and I realize that I ran out of flats in my shoe rack! But thanks to SM and Parisian as I got comfy and "foldable"pairs of ballet shoes that I could use during the duration of my stay in Palawan.

Two purposes are served. One is that it is comfortable to wear which would enable me to do the legwork with not much pain while walking. It fits like gloves on my feet.  I like it as having a soft-like texture with no tough edges which could hurt my toes.

The other purpose is that it relieves me from the hassle of packing the pair because, yes, it is foldable! Shoebox is ditched out as I only need to keep them in a small pouch. It is really a convenient way of inserting the shoes in my luggage. I actually wanted to get the blue pair to match with my recently purchased bag but my size was already out of stock. Too bad. But then I opted to get this somewhat rusty brown/orange color because it seems that it lightens the color of my feet when worn. Too bad turned not bad instead. :)

This Parisian brand is one of my favorite cheaper brands in the market. Their designs are just to die for and amazingly, the durability is something that I can commend on. This is my fourth or fifth pair of shoes from this brand. The counting does not stop there as I am eyeing a Parisian "cigarette-stick" heeled pumps in olive green. I still can't get over it and so most likely I will be adding up my collection! Hay, there can't really be enough shoes for girls!