Services Review: Enza Nail Spa

It is my second time to step into the quaint place of Enza Nail Spa along Dela Rosa, Makati last Thursday. It is so near my office that a visit to them does not need any long walking. Entering their place gives you an aura of relaxation although it is too little with around seven spots for the clients and just beside it is the manicurists' area where they do their chit chat while waiting for other clients. Yes, it does diminish your relaxation time but at least they were all nice. =)

I was glad that they still accomodated me even though they have an upcoming client during that time. And since time is quite tight both for me and the manicurist, I opted to get only my pedicure. When I was looking for a good shade of Orly bottle and my manicurist was already removing my old polish, she was quick to suggest that I rest my nails first with polish because they are already becoming thinner and having some "white marks". I don't kow if she really meant it or maybe she just wanted to expedite our session as she is expecting their scheduled clients to arrive any moment. But I trusted her and know for a fact that I've been wearing nail polish on my feet for quite sometime now. I agree that my nails needed some breather. And yes, 60 php lesser for me! :D

If you read closely to their description of Nail Essential Package, it says:

Experience complete nail care that begins with a soothing soak to soften cuticles , followed by a cuticle cleaning, nail shaping, buffing, and finally topped with polish application. Of course , no Enza Nail Care Essential is ever complete without our to-crave-for massage.

Reading them would give you an instant feel of being pampered. But don't get too excited with it as it has nothing so special about it. The soak is the usual one for about a minute or two depending on your manicurist. I am actually surprised as to how quick they do the cleaning (as I have compared with CANS). Maybe my nails are not that dirty? Or my cuticle and ingrown are not that hard to take out? I don't know but I really just find it quick to finish. Buffing and that so called to-crave-for massage both took for less than a minute each. Honestly, there is really no special with the massage, if you ask me. Yes, I don't crave for it. :)

But nevertheless, the price is quite good for a high end nail salon. There are lots of Orly shades to choose from, and the people there are generally friendly. It gave justice to my feet, right?