20/06/11 1.18A.M

As I briefly mentioned in this post, I take photos for Ben Riches of Perth Street Fashion when I have spare time and whatnot. I've been doing this since the start of 2011, and its been a while since I've updated.

It really is a great experience, to go up to strangers and ask them to take their photo. As Hannah mentioned on one occasion, when I was hunting with her, it really is the biggest compliment for someone to confront you and say
"Hey you have a really nice outfit, can I take a photo of you?"
Most people let me, only two people have rejected me ever! And the best part of this kind of rejection is that it doesn't hurt at all.

Here's a selection of my most favourite outfits that I have taken in the past half-year;
in Perth CBD, Northbridge, Mt Lawley, North Perth, Leederville.
Haha, basically all the places you would probably see me if I was out and about. Oh and there's two from down south in Bunbury (when I was down there for Groovin' The Moo)

I've actually been thinking of maybe starting my own "street style" type of thing, as you can see in these photos I've edited them in my own way- Ben likes to post them up on FB pretty raw and with his logo. But with my own creative control and time management, I could go in which ever tangent I wanted with the street style Perth has to offer.
Oh well, we'll see! What do you kids think I should do?

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