My New Coach Bag

Don’t you love it when you just have a go-to online store where the women behind it do all the grueling research of what are the “it” stuff out there in the market? I do and CareFreeShopper does it for me!

My recent purchase was the oh-la-la Coach satchel bag. I cannot contain my excitement when I called our guard in my place and confirmed that my package from JRS has arrived. Yes, at 5:30 PM sharp, I went out of the office and went straight home to see it. I know, I have a low EQ! Anyway, my jaw literally dropped when I opened the package. Carefully wrapped is my multi-colored (in gray, white, and blue) satchel bag!

I love the design and the cherry-picked colors blend so well with each other. They are so subtle which makes it both classy and wearable at any time of the day. More than the right combination of colors, I adore the bag since these colors make a perfect fit for my variety of shoes!

Looking into it, I know that it is a flexible bag – that means I can use it whether I am in work, or in mall, or even just doing a grocery. It exudes a mix of a formal and a casual look. The bag has just the right size where I can put my everyday necessities and a decent amount of my vanities. Oh, how I love this bag – price justified!

Eeeep, special thanks to my dad who actually bought this for me as his birthday gift! I love you to bits, Paps!