Tony Moly Nail Polish

One of my tiny purchases last night in SM Makati make up area is this Tony Moly nail polish in gray. Ok, I can't say this is strictly gray but more of a bluish gray shade. I chose the shade primarily because of the weather now which is occasionally gloomy. I realized then after I apply it that this goes well with my Coach bag. Perfect coincidence. I like it!

So how do I rate TM's polish? At a price of Php 98, I could say that this one is a good buy! My first criteria to say that a nail polish is a good one is that when I apply it, I could instantly feel that it marries with your nails and not just merely sitting on them. you know what I mean, there is that connection between your nails and your polish. I tried putting them on without any base or top coat and the end result is pretty commendable. And yes, it dries fast!

I was too excited to wear them that right after I got home, I started painting my nails. So in the run down of the photos below, please bear with the ungroomed nails that I have and of course, the imperfect application of the polish! I do intend to flood this post with so much photos so expect to have at least four simultaneous pictures after the jump! :D

Too bad I need to take off my nail polish today as I go to work since only my left hand has it! I don't have the talent to paint my right hand so I have to wait until this weekend to get my nails done in a salon. :)

EDIT: Chapped nail polish after a day of sporting the nail polish. :(