Little Treats for a Tiring Day

I just got home from the office after capping a nine to eight meeting. I'm so drained that I wanna just crawl on my bed, curl inside my blanket, and sleep. But my day is not that tiring at all! I was welcomed by my orders from my Avon lady when I hit my place. Yes, little treats that would enable me to shed off 30 minutes of my bed time and jotting my new purchase in this blog.

Anyhow, I won't keep this long because I just literally drop by my blog and share to you these Avon lippies from their new line - the  moisture seduction lipstick. I will weave a detailed review of them one of these days (if sloth won't kick in!). One worth saying is that it is moisturizing to the lips and the shades are pretty interesting! Here I got Perfect Pink and  Mocha Plum.

mocha plum at the left and the other is perfect pink

As usual, I used my BB camera for the photos so that explains why the color and shades were not justified. Ok ok, I can't wait to wear one of them tomorrow!

Good evening!