18/06/11 9.41P.M

I needed a break from studying so I asked my lunch to be a model before I ate him.

I've recently started a 365 project from Photojojo (you take a photo a day)- it's nearly been a week. I'm not sure if I want to show people just as yet, the photos are ones that have been posted up, just because university exams have been slimming down free-time. But as I say that, my last exam is on Tuesday so yay! I have so, so many ideas, all stashed in my moleskine and I (still) don't have a job so yay- time!

But... I'm kinda stumped for models. I hardly know anyone, or know them enough to ask them to pose for me soooooooo I guess its time to step out of my comfort zone. And most of the people I have asked are going interstate/ overseas...