Hello Everyone:)

Thank you so much for your really sweet comments you left on my last post. You made a fun experience even better knowing you shared in the excitement with me:) You have no idea how much I appreciate you all!
Today I wanted to give you  a tutorial on how I made two chairs into my style. This is a very easy project to do, you can do it!
I am soooo happy with the results:)

I bought two of these chairs at the flea market this past weekend. They were $15.00 for the two. They had great bones and were already sturdy. It was a gorgeous day out and I couldn't wait to finish work so that I could get started working on them.

 I put down my canvas drop cloth, gathered my brushes and one of my favorite colors of creamy white paint and was ready to get started.
 The paint I had from a previous project. I bought it from ACE Hardware. It is called 'Distant White'.
      I knew I would love it the minute I started to paint:)
 After is was painted and the paint was dry, I took out my favorite tool, my Mouse Sander. I love this sander!!! I wanted a very distressed look on these chairs so I sanded a lot of the paint so the beautiful dark wood would show through.
 After that was done. It was time to cover the seats. I had this wonderful hemp coffee bag with a gorgeous color wide stripe down the middle of it.  I cut the bag open down the sides.
 Then I placed each cushion on it and cut enough fabric around it so that I can staple it to the bottom, cutting off the excess. Fergie was a great help holding the fabric down for me;)
 I folded the fabric to make a seam so that the staples would hold it in place. Staples work best on this kind of fabric. If I had used tacks it would have come apart.  I love how the cushions came out, don't you????
 Here is some detail of the heavy distressed look I gave to them. The carving is so beautiful.
                                                  A little photo shoot.

It was so easy to do and I am really happy with the results. I hope I have inspired you to take on a special project today. I enjoyed the beautiful weather listening to the birds in my garden and creating something I truly love for my kitchen.

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'Till next time....................
~Debra XXX