Classic Black Zara Dress

Do you often experience it in your shopping life when the universe just conspires on you and you found a very good buy in a very little time of scouting the mall?  Or you badly need something in a minute and you don't know where to get it but suddenly you found that stuff perfect for your taste? I do, and the most recent was last Thursday when my friends and I decided to attend an alumni at Shangri La Makati at the very last moment. Admittedly, I am one of the girls that freaks out if I feel that I am not dressed well in coming to an event or get together. This is the reason why I am a fan of last minute shopping.

So after locking the decision to finally come to an SGV event with friends, I ran through Greenbelt 5 to score a dress that is appropriate for the event. It should be chic yet very corporate-ly, simple but sophisticated, and best of all a dress that could give me that nice curve and hide my bulges. Too many demands for such a very short time of finding a dress but I am hopeful that I could find one. I found a so-so dress in Bayo but very doubtful to get it so I let it pass and proceeded to Zara without really expecting to buy from there. But lo and behold! I found something that best suits the occasio - a classic black dress! Perfect for the event, really.

Dress: Zara
Bag: Armani Exchange
Shoes: Zara (Not shown)
The dress was on sale and I got it for Php 1700. I didn't have a second thought of buying it because one, it flatters my figure and puts everything in place. Second, it is black and I can accesorize it magnanimously. Third, it is black and very classic that I could wear it in the office. And lastly, it is Zara. I love Zara! 

Segway: I actually loved how I dolled up during this event because I guess I made my make up so natural but with some shimmery effect and the big earrings as my accent just made a difference.

I can't help it and so today, I wore it again in the office!

Dress: Zara
Peep Toe Pumps: CMG
Bracelets: Personally Assembled

A closer look at my shoes! 

I just love lucky shopping days!