Detoxx! Detoxx!

Nowadays, detoxing comes in different ways. There are those juices to cleanse your system, there are laxatives to wash out toxins... and there is also an emerging form to detoxify through your feet! I know it sounds a bit crazy (and as usual, my boyfriend contradicts this idea!) but then again, it is an interesting way to psychologically set your mind that you are doing an easy task of detoxifying. This has never been scientifically proven yet but I was sold to the idea when my good friend Erms shared to me this Detoxx brand. I was curious when she told me how she felt "detoxified" after putting on these pads on her sole for 8 sleeping hours. I am easily persuade so I went to Cash n Carry one time to buy them. Yep, the price is steep at 495 bucks for two sets!

My first try was when I had a business trip to Palawan. I put them on after we had some "pamatay na inuman" session so needless to say, I was drunk during that time. Lol. Honestly, I did not feel anything weird or odd or unusual during my whole sleep. It might be because the alcohol was reigning on my system. I also did not feel weak just as how Ermz have experienced. In short, I lived a normal day.

The second one was yesterday when I slept a bit late already (around 1 AM). The moment I nailed down the pads with the adhesives in my sole, I felt like there were tinny winny "bites" lurking my skin. I addressed it as if the pads are starting their work by sucking the unwanted elements in my body.

I woke up early but my body refused to cooperate. I was battling out the weak feeling but I was defeated and I ended up getting more sleep. I don't know if it was because I went to dreamland already late, or it was because of Detoxx, or both. But nevertheless, i peeled the adhesives and saw this gross sediments!

If these are my toxins, I say that I need hundred pairs to cleanse my system. Lol. But honestly, I could not say if I this product delivers what they need to deliver. This is just out of my curiosity. Ask if I will repurchase them? Considering the price and how it performed on me, I am saying no to it this time. :)