NYX Matte Lipstick

Two additional lippies added to my collection in the form of NYX ML's Angel and Hippie Chic! In this line, NYX wanted to respond to the echoes of her users regarding the staying power of their old lines. This brand is one of the best when it comes to wide array of awesome lipstick shades but the major fallback is the short span of time that it sits on your lips.

After the confusing search of the shades that I want, I finally picked Angel and Hippie Chic. Here are the swatches:

Angel at the bottom and Hippie Chic at the top

I am not particular as to the undertone stuff of the lips so I base solely the usefulness of my lipstick on how it looks on me when I apply them on my lips. There are just some shades that looks extremely good on you and embraces your lips with so much love and affection. Angel is one of these shades for me!

There seems to be a difference on the two photos above. This might be caused by the lighting of my camera but the lower one is closest to the real shade. It is close to a red shade rather than a peach. I wore this today as my accent as I really had no time to prep up due to the meeting after meeting schedule I had today. So there it is, Angel saved my day!

But while I am gushing about how this one shade looks good on me, I find the Hippie Chic not that flattering on me because for one major reason: It feels dry which is evident by the untoned lines in my lips.Yes, chappy lips.

These two shades are worn under an EOS lip balm.

Other comments:
a. I like the friendly smell of the lipstick. It has a hint of a fruity scent and is oh so gentle to the nose
b. Packaging is very ordinary, nothing to gush about it
c. The price is so-so at 325 Php - not cheap, not expensive
d. This cannot be worn alone, you need a lip balm to bring out the good color
e. Staying power is decent at about 2-3 hours (without drinking maybe?)