Hello Everyone:)

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I am joining Kathleen of Faded Charm today for  WHITE WEDNESDAY!!!

 Fergie had a busy weekend. She says "hello";)
 There is a couple that sell their wares at a flea market in New York that I go to a few times a year. They are just the cutest and very talent:) Jody and Pat have the best Whites.  They craft many of their things like the bench above. LOVE it!!!! I bought it from them a while back. Then, I found this fabulous sack at the market that is from a town about 20 minutes from here. I made a pillow out of it and now it sits happily on the bench.
 White Daisies are now starting to bloom in the garden. I love walking through it every morning because there is always something new blooming.  There are times that I find plants that I don't even remember planting. Do you do that too?

It was such a beautiful day today. I was actually woken up by the birds chirping. They were soooo happy. Now that is the best alarm clock there is, don't you think?

 I planted white petunias in my urns this year. Love them with the silver.
 I also bought this grain scoop from Jody and Pat.  It has such great graphics. I filled it with small antique bottles.
 I may be the only one who likes to buy these little 'potty bowls' but I just think they are great to decorate with. I filled this one with some of my favorite iron stone. Others hold dried flowers, twine, bottles.........Some of them are so pretty too. I have one that has blue flowers along the sides. That was a great find.

 My huge white ironstone  spittoon, yes spittoon, (see I use everything) filled with THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ROSES I HAVE EVER HAD!!!!! from my flower guys - Joe's Flowers. They always have the best fresh flowers and great produce. I wish you can see these roses in person. They are gorgeous:)
I leave you with this image. This is a sight I see daily. Yes, you can now feel my pain, can't you;) lol

Have a beautiful day:)

'Till next time...........
~Debra XXX