Tony Moly's Tomatox

The tomato-shaped container is a winner for me that I bought it without any second thought. :D Oh yeah TM's Tomatox made it to their Best Seller shelf that I was most likely enticed to get one. So what is this product all about?

Tony Moly claims that this is a magic white massage pack. I am not really into that whitening claim but readign through the box, it also claims to be brightening and revitalizing your face. These two adjectives that I needed most right now. Yes, say hi to my dull face. I, too, am a sucker for face mask. They are a cheap way of giving yourself a quick pampering (just like the detox pads!) especially if time won't permit you to go to the salons.

The product is so white and creamy that upon opening it, I want to finish them up on my face. I love well-textured products. Really. Another positive note on this product is that it has a smallest spatula which prevents you from double-dipping the product. I use it to scoop the cream, paste it in my face, and massage it all over my face with my fingertips. It's less hassle. Now, upon reaching my face, I feel the coldness of it which actually tickles my senses! I love it. They are like cold creams pampering your face. It makes the whole session pretty interesting. It also has a subtle smell that I didn't mind piling the cream on my face for like ten minutes. Priced at 548 Php, it does not really hurt the pocket that much.

The downside of this is that I felt a pang of itchness in my face especially on the more sensitive areas like in-between nose and upper lip. It feels weird but the uncomfortable feeling lasts for short time. Well, it must be the product working closest to your skin.

So was it really that effective? After using this for more than a week now, I would say my face is still round and I still do have traces of zits and blemishes but I could say that I have a more brightened face. A face that is slowly getting back her life. But no, there is no magic just as the product tagline claims. =) I would not say that this brought so much positive effect on my face to date but rather something that helps my face revive its fulness.
raw faces right after rinsing

I'd say that I can live without this product. Good to have it but I won't panic if I ended up with an empty container.