O.P.I Pirates of the Carribean Collection

It's interesting to know that O.P.I which is married to the term sophistication, tied up with Walt Disney's Pirates of the Carribean in which I associate to the untidy appearance of the pirates! Two adjectives that are on the different poles but have came up with something to look forward to. These collection comes in four exciting shades that would make me go to the salon more often to be able to wear them! :)

 Left to right: Skulls and Glossbones, Planks a Lot, Sparrow Me the Drama, Stranger Tides

Seeing Skulls and Glossbones at first glance would give you an impression that it is pure gray but when applied, it is actually more of a combination of light green and gray. The Planks a Lot might look like a blue (maybe because of my camera lighting but it is lavender in color. Planks is certified pink and Stranger Tides is closest to Skulls but more on the green side. I can't wait to swatch them on! I have my nails in pink now which I would share on the latter part of this blog.

O.P.I is really commendable in terms of its staying power as compared to other mid-level brands. I have been striking my keyboards all day and I haven't had any chapped nail colors as of this time. I am comparing it to other brands I have been wearing and I could say that this one's really staying longer (just as I've experienced before).

One more thing, have you read my entry on my dilema regarding mani-pedi? Well, having these little bottles of O.P.I seem to give me a solution. Four of them for a price of 650 Php puts me to the middle of the rope, not too steep and not too cheap. I am okay with it for the moment. :)
Let me now give you a shot of my nails in Sparrow Me the Drama shade:
Sweet shade, isn't it?

You could order this at CareFreeShopper!