Interesting Finds at Japan Home Center!

So what have I found in this store this time? Two items that made me happy one Sunday afternoon!

One is an exercise tool which I thought of buying so that I could at least make my body move and shed off little calories if I cannot jog or do my zumba dance. It's a lazy form of exercise, actually. :D But it is quite practical also as I sometimes use it in the office when I am too burn out to face my laptop or I have excess energy where I need to tone down so as to focus more on work. 

While browsing through the store's merchandise, I found an alternative to the Detoxx that is half the price of the said brand. This is in the form of Aloma. Like Detoxx, I can't really say that there is a positive effect on me but the thought of having it plastered on my sole gives me a feeling of being detoxified. At a price of 88 a pack, it is my cheap form of giving in to my impractical vanities. :) 

Purchases like these are actually not needed but because they are darn cheap they make you buy them! Nah, cheers to great, interesting finds!