Avon Mositure Seduction Lipstick

I am commenting now on the two lipstick shades I got before from Avon.

Rae hit the perfect adjective for this line of lipstick - marble-like. As opposed to the normal lipstick with a solid one color on it, these tubes blended in some sort of shades and produced a "marb-ly" effect. if you look closely to it, you will see tiniest glitters which pop up your lips when worn. I am not too keen on getting a specific shade so I picked Perfect Pink and Mocha Plum. Believe me Avon laid down a magnanimous variety of colors and shades which would give you a headache on what to get!

As I like my other Avon lippies, this one really stood out. Why? It is because it can be worn even without a lip balm underneath or a lip gloss on top of it! It stands out independently without the mercy of other lip vanities. It is very much moisturizing and has SPF 15. What a lovely product.

Perfect Pink

Mocha Plum

Needless to say, this glides smoothly and effectively conceals any dry and chappy lips. I've applied this with some flakes on my lips but is not very evident on the photo. I feel I can't remember the exact price but I believe this is no more than three hundred bucks which makes it such a runway winner! 

One major drawback though, these lippies have a somewhat strong scent which I unfoundedly associate with that of a lead especially on the first few tries. I don't know if it is just me and my too inquisitive nostrils but the scent is just too hard for me.

Other than the negative comment above, I love these products! =)