The Face Shop Nail Color in PK101 and Causes of Bubbles

I am starting to love TFS nail polish once again! Thanks to Bobbie Basic Top Coat, it helps in maintining my chipless nails! This is my second bottle of TFS and I want to use it again after a long period of hibernation in my polish kit. :)

My peg for the week is sweet and feminine and so this shade best suits my feminine image. It is a subtle pink close to almost barely there. Due to its very light shade, I applied three coats to bring out the color.

And yeah, I am still getting bubbles. Ugh. I need to master the art of self nail polishing. :(

I googled what causes this buubles and I found out that I am guilty of almost all reasons! Sally Beauty pointed out the following factors:

First, wipe clean nails with nail polish remover to be sure there is no oil or moisturizer residue on nails before polishing. - I used one with moisturizer and never even bothered to wipe my nails to take out any residue.

Second, if your nail enamel is old, it can thicken and may cause bubbling. You can use a nail polish thinner, but a new bottle is best. - maybe this bottle is old. :(

Third, don't shake your polish bottle to mix the polish; beads in the bottle can create bubbles. Instead, roll the bottle between your hands. - I shook the bottle so hard! Agh!

Finally, be sure the first coat of polish is completely dry before applying a second coat. - :(

GUILTY as CHARGED! At least I now know how to avoid these irritating bubbles!